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Living Hope Gives Back

Living Hope is a charity organization established to provide aid and transportation to Venezuelan refugees. The Venezuelan humanitarian crisis has left thousands of refugees displaced throughout South America.  Living Hope founder Maria Irizarry has assisted the local community in Stamford, Connecticut for over 20 years and now strives, with your help, to provide much-needed assistance to a vulnerable population of people in desperate need of basic human necessities.

Why it Started

Why it Started

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The ways we can help

Our Dream

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Who We Do it For - LivingHopeInc

Part of Your Donation

With little time to pack and many leaving with only the clothes on their backs, refugees are in need of clothing. Your generous donation can help us purchase weather appropriate clothes and shoes for refugees ensuring less people go cold this winter.

Food Drive

A top priority for the Living Hope charity is to provide food for refugees as they travel from their home country and on to safer destinations. Children and babies are especially vulnerable to suffering from a lack of nourishment and we hope you can help us feed as many as possible through your generous donations.


Volunteer Opportunities

Living hope is not only committed to providing support through charitable donations but also through volunteer work. We believe that our resource of time is just as important as our resource to give money, clothing, food or transportation. There are many volunteer opportunities we would love for you to be a part of. Please reach out to one of our representatives to learn more.


One of the main obstacles for refugees on their journey to safety and security is transportation. Many refugees are forced to flee on foot or by other precarious means that leave them susceptible to abuse and extreme hardship; this is especially difficult for the elderly and families with young children.  Living Hope has dedicated resources to help refugees by chartering buses. This enables families to stay together and it provides accountability for each charter group ensuring refugees are able to travel without fear of being taken advantage of or being abandoned.

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